7 Days in Ilaje Bariga – LAUNCHING OF #NGOLive in Lagos state

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We are glad to inform you of the first collaboration of our organizationMedia For Community Change and the launching of our great project, NGOLive!

NGOLive is the video channel of our podcast, NGOpodcast Show, on NGOLive, we’ll be working closely with NGOs from different part of the world to propel their works/projects/programs to the public.With this project, the general public and potential sponsor can SEE not only hear the works of non-governmental organizations.

Our first collaboration on this project is with Knowledge Aid Initiative, a non-governmental organization that has been doing fantastically well for some months. We’ll be working with them come mid-December to cover and document the everyday life of women in ILAJE BARIGA community ofLagos, Nigeria.

For complete 7days, we’ll be in the slum and also brings you the documentary of the plight and suffering of women inILAJE BARIGA of Lagos state, Nigeria. Come along with us as “we break frontiers using the power of NEW MEDIA!”


PS: If you run an NGO and you are doing fantastically well, mostly in remote areas (the slum), Media For Community Change is coming for you. Watch the space!