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Africa is indeed faced with a lot of problems ranging from corruption to terrorism to poor leadership but one major issue that require urgent and immediate attention for the sake of the future of the continent is the development and protection of the African child. The protection and development of the African child is necessary for the future of the black continent.

The African child is lagging behind his or her peers in other part of the world. With over 4.7 million children of primary school age not any attending school in the continent most populous country (Nigeria) and over 44.5 million of adolescence pregnancy recorded in the country (this record is even better than most African countries), it is not difficult to see the need for the protection and development of the African child. Rape, abuses, rejection, oppression, victimization etc. are tales some of them are left to tell. We may try to shift the blame of our past to the European colonial masters and that of the present to poor leadership in the continent but we will all have ourselves to blame if we don’t invest in the future (children) now.

It is time we invest heavily on our children, the best fortune we have for the future is domiciled in them. Before they become ‘grandfather and children of corruption’, we must teach them the right ethical conduct of the society. Their rights must be protected, and laws such as Article 19 of the UN convention of the right of a child, Child Rights Act etc. must be effectively enforced in Africa. Children must be encouraged to go to school by the government and not forced out of school with useless levies in public schools.

If indeed children are the future of tomorrow, then every individual must invest in that future. We must train a child. We must build Africa. We must salvage our hopes. We must develop Africa.

We are Media For Community Change Initiative, With power of NEW MEDIA, we want to equip and empower children and young people for a brighter future through Provision, Protection and Preparation, ensuring that they have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and make a difference in their families and communities.

We want to work in partnership with local and international organizations to support over millions of children around the world to build a brighter future.

Let’s work together to Give a Child a Future!