Project Category: grid

Women Empowerment

We give voice, power, and hardship relief to those women by ensuring they are fully empowered, know their rights, heard and supported in participating meaningfully in decisions that concerns their health and wellbeing.

Capacity Building

With all of our programs we aim to build capacity in individuals and community-based organizations. We empower NGOs, Changemakers around the world.

Media Law Reform

We work for transparent and accountable media policy and regulatory frameworks by safeguarding the principles of independent and pluralistic media and freedom of expression online.

Organization Empowerment

Our programs help individuals & organizations to conceive agendas for change, generate action plans for sustainable solutions, build coalitions, and gain the skills and tools they need to envision and implement sustainable solutions to their most frustrating problems.

Media Advocacy

We help bring attention to people living in underserved communities across the African continent and advocate for change that will affect their life positively.

Foreign Policy

We strengthen foreign reporting by facilitating transnational research, by educating journalists and by bringing together media workers with differing perspectives into a conversation about themselves and the world.


We actively seek and build partnerships with like minded NGOs for various projects. We consistently improve our social and environmental performance and find new opportunities through partnerships with other organizations.

International Collaboration

We actively seek out individual NGOs, platforms and networks involved in the issue being addressed; ally with relevant international networks; and work bilaterally when appropriate. MFCC maintains both temporary and ongoing international alliances.


We collect and compose authentic, powerful stories that highlight and contextualize the challenges of the marginalized communities across Africa.


We work with children and families in the marginalized communities, providing them with an environment that helps them learn and mainstream into schools and livelihood opportunities.