Placing Water at The Center of it All

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Water scarcity is a global phenomenon that requires urgent attention & sustainable solutions.

More than ever before, in recent years as the ‘climate change’ persist water bodies shrink, with many communities facing drought, worsening the already existing water scarcity scenario.

Steps must be taken now to ensure water provision becomes a key factor in community development.

With the aim that no one is left behind in the water accessibility table.

The reality is that we cannot say we are on the right path of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) without successfully meeting up with the #SDG6 (Clean Water and Sanitation).

In every sector of human development and community wellness water availability and accessibility is key.

What aspect of development can we actually do without water?  When we talk of food production, health care, fashion, tourism, transportation, animal husbandry, power generation (electricity), infrastructural development, even the education sector (imagine a school without water… A topic for another day) etc, all revolves around water. However, we can categorically say at the centre of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs ) is  “access to clean water”…(Goal6 ~ Clean Water and Sanitation).

“Universal health coverage without clean water provision is just a theoretical approach”. In the course of community work, we have encountered Primary Health Cares facing a lack of water and the experience was a devastating one.

If we are to truly have a healthy community clean water provision must be prioritised. If the government, private sectors and individuals work in synergy on water provision, access to ‘clean water’ by everyone, everywhere is possible.

Leave no one behind .

 By ~  Ójónugwa Yahaya

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