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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

To attain the #GlobalGoals, innovative methodologies must be adopted to fit into various specifics across location and cultural scopes. At Media for Community Change we constantly celebrate the efforts of non-state actors in this regard, especially at local levels.

WholeLife Initiative for Development in Africa (WID-Africa) is one of such organization whose contribution to sustainable development impresses and inspires us. On Saturday, June 30 2018, this group facilitated a Book Donation Campaign which eventually led to a school establishment of a library at Calvary Love Academy in Jikwoyi Phase 2, Abuja.

The aim of this NGO – WholeLife Initiative for Development in Africa, is to resuscitate and promote the reading culture among students in Nigeria through the Book Donation Campaign and establishment of the school library.

For them, the declining success rate of students, especially in the northern part of Nigeria was a challenge and through this project they hope to instil the zeal to learn and make available learning materials for students, who otherwise, will become miscreants and threats to national development.

To a great extent this drive by these young Nigerians led by Ms. Chimere Olukwu has greatly contributed to drive #QualityEducation – #SDG4 in Nigeria while inspiring many more groups to do more.

NGO Seeks to Promote Reading Culture in Rural Area Through Book Donations

“Life-Long Learning is the Future” says Chimeremnma Hope Ulukwu, the Founder of WholeLife Initiative for Development in Africa a nongovernmental organization established out of the passion to promote development in Nigeria and Africa at large through education. Their maiden project which is the Book Donation Campaign aims to resuscitate and promote the reading culture among students in Nigeria.

The Book Donation Campaign involves gathering and donations of new and fairly used books. The aim is to update the quality of the school libraries in the rural and urban areas of Abuja, donation will take place at Calvary Love Academy, Jikwoyi, Phase 2 Extension, Abuja on Saturday, June 30, 2018.

According to the Founder, Ms. Ulukwu, “We hope that this project progresses and grows into establishment of community, virtual and mobile libraries so that the reading culture is restored and everyone has access to all the information for purpose discovery and fulfillment.”

For the organization, the need is imperative as in recent times, there is a continuous decline in the success rate of students in external examinations as only 26% of private candidates who wrote the 2017 Senior Secondary Certificate Examination had five (5) credits including English and Mathematics. The north is worse affected by this due to the rise in insurgency and not surprisingly, the FCT is not left out.

WID-Africa is passionate about the fulfillment of the sustainable goals primarily goal 4 which is Quality Education. As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” we intend to redefine education to promote Life-Long learning among students and residents of the rural and suburban outskirts of Abuja.

by Chimeremnma Hope Ulukwu