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With 65 million Nigerians illiterate, it is time for government, schools and individuals to take action. In 2015, UNESCO’s National Programme Advisor on Education, Dr Mohammed Alkali recently revealed the results of a UNESCO survey that showed that despite improvements to the country’s education system, 65 million Nigerians remain illiterate.

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This statistic is alarming for a number of reasons. Illiteracy has adverse impacts at both an individual and societal level. People who are illiterate are far more likely to live in poverty, facing a lifetime marred by poor health and social vulnerability. Economically, the impacts of illiteracy are also sizeable; workplace productivity, unemployment rates and even national GDP are all affected by a country’s literacy levels.

With this alarming number of illiterate youths and adults in Nigeria, a Volunteer project of SPELLAFRICA – B2S Adult Literacy has took up the responsibility to transform for free, the lives of over 65 million adults in Nigeria to read & write out of extreme poverty.

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Since its inception in 2016, the organization has transformed the lives of over 200 adults and youths to read and write, and still counting.

We visited the SpellAfrica B2S Adult Literacy center in Lagos state, Nigeria to witness what they’ve been doing over the years.

We had an interview session with Mr Erezi Edoreh, the Director of Spell Africa Initiative and the highly esteemed volunteer teachers at the literacy center that are working ceaselessly to transform the lives of illiterate youths and adults in Nigeria.

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Our interview would be published on NGOpodcast Show shortly, Keep on tab!